Chemical elements

Ununoctium Production


According theoretical calculations of Robert Smolanczuk from Soltan Institute for Nuclear studies (Poland), Ununoctium can be synthesized by bombarding of Lead-208 by Kripton-86 ions, according to scheme:

20882Pb + 8636Kr -> 293118Uuo + 10n

Unfortunately, all attempts to synthesize Ununoctium accordingly to this reaction were unsuccessful.

Ununoctium was successfully synthesized by bombardment of Californium-249 target by Calcium-48 ions. The nuclear fusion cross section of this reaction is very small, 0.5 pb (picobarn) = 5x10−41 m2, which mean that the fusion reaction probability is very small. In total it was required 4x1019 calcium ions and 4 months time to synthesize 1 atom of Ununoctium.

24998Cf +4820Ca -> 294118Uuo + 310n

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