Chemical elements

Ununoctium Properties


Ununoctium disintegrated via α-decay with subsequent formation of element 116, Ununhexium:

294118Uuo -> 290116Uuh + 42He

The half-life of all experimentally produced isotopes of Ununoctium stays in millisecond diapasons, that is why there is no chemical properties was studied yet, but on the basis of its structure it is possible to predict some of them. All electrons shell are completely filled with electrons, which is common for noble gas family and its obviously to extend some properties of the members of this family, especially radon, to Ununoctium. It is possibly to predict that Ununoctium will have a very high ionization energy and therefore the common oxidation state will be 0. Also it is possible to predict that under normal conditions Ununoctium will bee a gas with probably the highest molecular mass (except UF6).

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